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Online Planning

Health Savings Account (HSA)
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RFG has teamed up with Alliance Benefit Group of Illinois to bring you easy access to a HSA. By clicking the image to the left you will be taken to their website to complete the application. Additionally, by using the signup from this link on our website, you will save $0.50/month per account in fees. There is no incentive for RFG to refer you to Alliance Benefit Group. We do not collect any commisions from referrals. RFG has recommended their services before and will continue to do so with the added benefit of saving you money.   If you have any questions or concerns during the signup process, please give our office a call. We will be more than happy to work through each step with you. There is also a video presentation on what an HSA is, how it works, and the benefits of using it. That link is provided to the left.  


HTH Worldwide, Global Health Insurance & Trip Protection Plans.
This health insurance is primarilly for those who will live, work or travel outside of the US for substantial periods of time.  Often, domestic US carriers will exclude coverage in foriegn countries.  Or you may wish to have coverage simply to ensure that in an emergency you can be brought home for treatment (even if you are as few as a few hundred miles from home).  Specific coverages for missionaries and global mariners is also available.  Take a look at this site for complete information and to apply for coverage.


Life Insurance Quotes -
Get a quote for term life insurance on an annual, 10 year level, 20 year level or 30 year level premium basis.  This from one of only two insurance companies in America with the TOP ratings from all of the major ratings agencies, and the only one that pays no commission to any agent.  All business is done over the phone and by mail. 
Once you know the monthly cost for the term insurance you need, TIAA-CREF offers another entirely unique value proposition to the insurance consumer.  NO MATTER which form of life insurance coverage you need or want, THAT SAME monthly term cost of insurance is available in that policy, except the 30 year level.  You don't have to pay more for the cost of your insurance anymore to have a permanent policy.  This is huge!  In Illinois for example, it costs only 0.5% more to pay a premium into a cash value product from TIAA-CREF than it does to buy their term, and in Illionois that 0.5% provides the tax deferral of life insurance and in most cases also creditor protection over the assets in a policy.
We won't belabor this anymore here but we will be providing other information about this industry changing product when available.  In the interest of full disclosure, RFG has been on retainer with TIAA-CREF for the last two plus years or so, we originally assisted them in the design of the policy and have since been assisting them with the development of the direct to consumer and advisor directed service and operations platforms. 
  • For more financial planning information send your question to info@rfgweb.com
  • For product information, please visit TIAA-CREF via the link above or by clicking here.
  • To apply for a policy, contact Sarah Askren of TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company at saskren@tiaa-cref.org,
  • If you are not able to medically qualify for a policy at preferred or better rating class it is very possible you might fair better financially in a traditional commissionable product from another carrier.  Different insurance companies are often more lenient in their underwriting of different health conditions.  You would seek an independent insurance broker fr this sort of information. You may contact us for more information:  info@rfgweb.com.

Pet Insurance-
Curious about what pet insurance is and how it can help protect your pets? Here's a link to give you all the information you need. For specific providers, we recommend Embrace Pet Insurance listed below. Embrace Pet Insurance- We all know that our pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. But unfortunately, insurance for our pets gets overlooked. Ben currently uses Embrace for his pet insurance needs. Also, by signing up through RFG you will have access to discounts on your policy. Please email info@rfgweb.com for the discounts page.

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